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Power Wheelchair Joystick Controller

This electric wheelchair joystick controller is perfect for pridemeritsshoprider us. This controller includes four key for use in your wheelchair, making it the perfect way to keep your chair in condition.

Power Wheelchair Controller

If you have a power wheelchair, you may be looking for a controller to allow it to be used as a tool. There are a number of them available, and ours is the power wheeler controller. It comes with apushbutton speed control, which allows the power wheelchairner to control the speed of the wheels using theurdue controller. if you're looking for a control adapter, we also have one available. This is the power wheeler controller with the usb adapter. This is needed to connect the controller to your computer. Once connected, you can control the wheels with the pushbuttons on the controller.

Power Wheelchair Joystick

This power wheelchair joystick controller is for the vr2 joystick. It's made from lightweight cardboard and has a bright light in the front to help visibility. The controller also has a few small motors and sensors to provide the vr2 controller feel. this power wheelchair with joystick controller is the perfect accessory for your next event. With its 6-key keypad and joystick-style control, this chair can be easily controlled to make your event run smoothly. this joystick is for your perfect power wheelchair. It has a 12volt power outlet and is made of durable wacc shark plastic. The joystick is heights: about 5. 5" to 6. 1" and can be attached to a powerchair handle. It has a 10" long cord and is ready for use when ordered. the pride mobility quantum power wheelchair controllers are the perfect way to get your work done in a new and comfortable way. These controllers have 123217ctl123217lbutton and have a one-key operation. They are designed with a quantum-quality power wheelchairs that provide play and convenience.